Monday, September 26, 2011

Portfolio Review: Have your webblog ready for inspection Oct. 3

     As explained earlier, I will review your personal weblogs starting next Monday, Oct. 3, and you will receive a grade on them equal to a test grade. The grade will be roughly 40% on quality, 40% on the quantity of your work, and about 20% on the quality of your presentation on the weblog. Everything you have written for this course up to this Friday, Sept. 30, other than tests and classroom exercises, and including your Medieval Day memo, should be on your weblog. You should even include any unfinished projects, with a notation as to what state they are in. (Are you still writing them, has this been submitted as a first draft, etc.)

      The presentation does not have to be fancy or include any "extras." But it should look neat and orderly. Each project should have a headline. (I haven't looked at them for a long time, but the last time I did look some of them were kind of a mess -- very disorderly.) If you need to retrieve your work from the SCCSOmelette or the SCISL weblog the URLs are and You will get some time in class on Thursday to work on them if you wish, but you may prefer to finish your current project so that you can include it..